Explosion kills man planning his child’s gender reveal party in Liberty

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Can we please fucking end this gender reveal shit already? It’s caused so much harm for something so incredibly trivial.


A child growing up fatherless because he blew himself up doing the stupidest and most frivolous thing imaginable. What a goddamn tragedy.


Man when I was a teen we would have “bonfire” parties and my folks would worry about someone getting hurt. Now people are blowing themselves up and burning down a national forest for the dumbest of reasons.


man making bomb at home is killed by bomb


There’s been a steady stream of these ridiculous accidents and people are still blowing themselves up and torching the countrysides like there’s nothing unusual about it at all. Question for anyone who has done this: *Why?* Where did you get this idea, and why did you decide to go ahead with it? While I agree that explosions are awesome, they are also dangerous and best left to professionals… and they also have *jack shit* to do with babies. So what’s the appeal? Is it just a dumb redneck thing to do? Defying all the people who think it’s stupid? Secretly trying to kill people?