New York Sues Amazon Over COVID-19 Safety, Citing ‘Flagrant Disregard’ In Warehouses

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Amazon is already making more money than god during all of this; you would think that following safety regulations wouldn’t be too much of a burden for them.


Will New York sue Cuomo now for his flagrant disregard?


What a joke…. that state and its exec branch are directly RESPONSIBLE for putting tens of thousands of the most at risk individuals from this in harms way. And are responsible for deaths of so many elderly that were cut off from family and forced into infection centers. (Dont worry tho because if you are related to these crooks you are likely exempt from thier policies and death camp sentances.)


Governor ‘Nursing Home’ Cuomo suing Amazon for ‘Flagrant Disregard’?? I dont think I could make up a more idiotic headline if I tried.


I work at the Staten Island sorting facility and I’ve been getting a lot of notifications that someone tested positive at work. Also getting tested for covid is not a requirement. The only way for them to know if someone has covid is from the person themselves or the optional at work testing and frankly, I don’t really feel safe when someone could potentially have covid with no symptoms and not get tested or say anything. It also doesn’t help that the bus to and from the Staten Island ferry is always packed and people barely have any room to move much less practice social distancing.