One of the photos taken of you will eventually be the one used in your obituary.

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This hits a little too close to home. I took the picture of my wife on a date night at a restaurant that was in her obituary. Then recently found byself browsing for a good image for her grave marker


Who said dick pics were useless?


I took a photo of my in-laws for their 40th anniversary. The 1st shot my FIL was frowning, his usual grumpy self. I said “Come on, dad! Pretend you like us and you are having fun!” He laughed and I took a shot when he had the best smile. We used it on his funeral program and on his burial site. I was so happy to have done that for my MIL. And for him.


Ha jokes on them. I haven’t taken a picture in almost 10 years (that I can remember)


My dad passed two days ago and took photos of his ambitious haircut that morning I thought this when picking his photos out with a recent photo and thinking about it again now has me balling out me eyes haha I hope everyone is taking care X 🙂