People who claim they are “assholes” who “don’t give a fuck” are usually the people who give most fucks because they are assholes.

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Yes, I fully agree. If you truly “don’t give a fuck,” then you wouldn’t care about things happening, and you’d be chill all the time.


Bill Burr had a fantastic take on this on his podcast. “People who really don’t give a fuck, don’t go around telling people. Other people do that for you. “Hey have you seen Tim lately? He looks like shit. I don’t think he gives a fuck anymore””


It’s completely expected for an asshole to give a shit some times. edit: and a fuck, if that’s your jam.


I always give a fuck but only because I refuse to be given a fuck.


Also if you didn’t give a fuck, you wouldn’t feel compelled to run around telling everyone about how you don’t give a fuck. Then repeating it to the next person, then going back to the first person and making sure they believed you. It’s genuinely pathetic.