TIL: Social media has become a staple of law enforcement and 4/5 of them use it during an investigation. This is due to criminals bragging online, posting evidence, and recording crimes. Some gangs had public Facebook groups.

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TIL: Criminals are stupid!


Also huge in the insurance industry. I work in auto insurance. While I don’t handle medical claims, I know of tons of situations where we deny claims because people are claiming injuries but post videos or whatever of them doing activities that contradict their injuries. This is usually used to fight fraud but I’m sure they can justify smaller payouts if there’s video of you not looking as injured as you claim to be.


My state policeman freind from the dogpark says they caught those morons who were conspiring to kidnap and murder the governor of MI, because they talked about their evil plan on Facebook. Not 100 I q points between them.


I mean, honestly, I’m totally cool with this. Let the idiots out themselves.


Social media is the new town square. If you want to break the law, don’t scream what you did in the town square and don’t act surprised when the police use it against you.