100Mbps uploads and downloads should be US broadband standard senators say; pandemic showed that “upload speeds far greater than 3Mbps are critical.”

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Standard and at least the average guarantee. Not this “up to” BS, and lucky to get 1/10 most times.


Senators trying to Zoom into TV shows suddenly take an interest.


I quick reminder that taxpayers already paid $200 billion for telecom companies to create a broadband network across the country, but they just decided to not do the job and pocket the money. We should force them to finish the job for free or demand the money back so we can build it ourselves.


Meanwhile… the Consolidated Appropriations Act just guaranteed 3.2 BILLION to help those in poverty with up to $100 a month of internet services. For those keeping tabs at home, USA internet speeds is currently in the 30th percentile worldwide. Why? The gov’t approved monopoly on internet providers has ensured that we get substandard service at premium prices. This “internet for the poor” is guaranteed income for the internet disservice providers who are strangling the free market and spending money on lobbying instead of upgrading networks they’ve already been paid (by taxpayers) to do. Comcast is in the TOP 10 for lobbying – spent over $19 million on lobbying in 2019. They have over 100 lobbyists – an army. They’ve donated to 32/39 politicians on the house judiciary committee, 20/24 senate commerce committee, 15/18 senate judiciary committee and 50/54 on the House Energy Committee. So this 3.2 BILLION in “aid” is a sound return on investment for their millions spent buying, I mean, lobbying OUR government. To complete the circle for ya – your tax dollars given to corrupt companies, corrupt companies take your tax dollars and contribute to… LOBBYING FOR MORE HANDOUTS. But it’s all for the disenfranchised folks! They’re here to help! I’m all for lowering internet costs – especially to help those in poverty. The best way to lower costs is to END THE GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED MONOPOLIES of Internet Disservice Providers and allow an actual free market. OR – open up the internet to be a public utility since our tax dollars built the fucking infrastructure anyway. In closing, FUCK COMCAST.


YOU GUYS ARE UPLOADING AT 3Mbps!? I’m uploading at 30Mbps. On a base plan. IN SOUTH AMERICA.