17% of food production globally wasted, UN report estimates

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Working in restaurants for a decade, I’m surprised it’s that low. We filled up trash cans with expired or left over food from tables every few hours.


Compost food scraps! It will reduce the amount of methane in the air. Corn cobs, peels, bones, anything moldy, paper towels anything uneaten… all of it can be broken down quickly by aerobic bacteria in a compost pile instead of painstakingly slowly by anaerobic in a landfill.


I mean the problem with food has always been getting it to people not making it. And I know people are going to say wow how horrible but the reality is the majority of that food was impossible to send to countries with hunger issues. It would just be spoiled by the time it gets to those countries. Not to mention the reason there’s so much food is because people eat too much and buy to much while that does lead to waste it also leads to greater food production decreasing the costs of food helping the poorer people in said countries.


I once saw a chef on a cooking show throwing out oysters on some bs pretence of being not good enough, one by one, praising rigorous art of fine cousine


That’s seem pretty good. Better than I would have expected.