17,000 earthquakes hit Iceland in the past week. An eruption could be imminent

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Hey I live in danger zone 1 in the frontmost house of the zone in Grindavík which is the closest town to the suspected eruption location and have felt two earthquakes while typing this, ohh make it three AMA Edit: thanks guys first time I ever had top comment so thats cool ^^ Edit 2: might just be my most upvoted comment aswell now.


I got stuck in Europe for almost an extra week and ended up flying around the world the wrong way to get home as a result of Mt. Eyjafjallajokull. With travel in the current state, it isn’t as likely of a concern.


>…says Páll Valur Björnsson, who teaches at the local College of Fisheries and sits as a deputy member of Parliament. Most Icelandic sentence ever.


“could be imminent” it 100% might happen


*Airlines* Hold onto your butts.