7.1 magnitude quake sparks tsunami warning in New Zealand

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Woah that’s a big one…hope the aftershocks die out


From the article: “Geonet reported the 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near 95km east of Te Araroa, in the North Island, at 2.27am, causing ‘severe’ shaking. It was originally reported as a 7.4m quake, then downgraded. The intensity of the quake was described as severe. The National Emergency Managment Agency says people near the coast from Cape Runaway to Tolaga Bay should move immediately to the nearest high ground, out of tsunami evacuation zones, or as far inland as possible.”


It’s been over an hour. No reports of any tsunamis yet, right?


There was a greater chance of another big earthquake because of the two big earthquakes (in japan and caledonia) in February, the ring of fire is so hot right now.


I hope that everyone stays safe.