Accepting I don’t have the temperamental qualities to actively invest

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Trading, think in hours and days Investing, think in months and years


Been investing for 6 months. Started as a day trader and overall I’ve been up 50-60% for a while now and that’s a great feeling. This past month I’ve fallen about 20% and it sucks. (The EV market has fucked me pretty hard) But honestly I’ve come to learn that the market is impossible to predict and the only way to maximize your odds is to think long term and not get hyper fixated on the daily/weekly fluctuations. Think months/years. If you like a business model stick with it. Somebody mentioned the quote “the stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.” Right now it’s an exercise in patience. Do your research, buy your stocks, stand by them, now stop looking at your screen.


Feel like I could have written this. I’ve only been in this a couple of weeks too but feels like when I buy a stock it immediately drops and when I sell it it immediately rebounds. Just taking each trade as a lesson learnt at the minute. I Seem to jump from one red to another and I think it’s important to just hold your nerve and be patient. But that’s easier said than done. I think I’m probably better built for investing than trading .


I don’t try to pretend it doesn’t bother me, I try to actively improve and correct the thoughts causing the emotion, and then let the momentary feelings go. It is like meditation. Correct the thought, then let it drift away. If it repeats, repeat the correction. “10 shares was the correct number for my plan. My plan did not include seeing the future.” “I sold at the profit I planned for. My plan did not include seeing the future.” “I sold it for a loss because it was speculative and I was wrong. The decision was including speculation in my plan; not in being wrong about one.” “I’m holding because I believe in the company and it will go back up. I’m too new to take a lot of risks, so I’m taking loss in the time term; I’m not timing the market.” ✨👼


I guess we’re all learning this lesson lately. I was up 36% last year and I’m down 20+% so far in 2021. It just sucks because of course I was imagining how all that extra money would affect my future and it’s just gone. I’ve been holding waiting for a rebound and want out so bad. Selling now locks in so much loss. My mental health can’t take much more of it. Earlier this week I made an appointment with a financial advisor but tomorrow was his first opening. I just need to make it to then. I can’t keep doing this.