Airport spends $4.3M on a taxiway, can’t use it because you can’t see it from the tower

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Not to worry, they’ll just spend another $5 Million to build a new tower…


When Indianapolis was building a new terminal and tower 20 years ago, the design team must have flunked geometry. Despite being (at the time) the second-tallest airport control tower in the U.S., the SE end of runway 13/31 could not be seen from the tower due to a corner of the FedEx building. To comply with FAA guidelines, the runway was shortened by 300 feet. It was already the shortest runway at IND, and definitely ruled out for operations of FedEx DC-10s – Indianapolis is the main U.S. hub for FedEx (Memphis is the international hub).


Why don’t they just use cameras? With cameras, you can provide a multitude of different views and angles on different screens. You could also use programming to detect potentially dangerous situations in combination with radar.


Oh dear lol


Yes yes yes yes yes yes.