Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez far more popular with Democrats than Joe Manchin: Poll

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It really really didn’t need a poll.


Lol was anyone under the misapprehension that Joe Manchin is popular among democrats? We tolerate Manchin because we can’t set the floor agenda without him in a 50/50 senate. If he switched parties, McConnell would be setting the schedule which would entail never allowing legislative votes on Biden’s policy priorities. In the choice between tolerating Manchin and suffering in the minority, we tolerate Manchin because the alternative sucks more than that.


probably not the case in WV


Well… that kinda doesn’t matter to Joe Manchin. In fact it probably helps him. Joe Manchin is a senator from West Virginia where it’s pretty shocking that a Democrat can be a senator. Trump won the state in 2020 with nearly 69% of the vote. AOC could _never_ get elected as a senator in West Virginia, regardless of her national popularity with the party.


That’s neat, but AOC can’t get elected in WV. I’d much rather deal with a conservative Democrat in that seat than a Republican.