Amazon launches its first cashierless store in Britain – Called Amazon Fresh, the store lets customers walk in, pick up what they want and walk out again without having to pay at a cash register.

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Shopping optimized. No more waiting in lines to checkout. Dreams really do come true.


I thought the future was home delivery for everything. Though i guess this isnt terrible either


And yet again we are willing to subject ourselves to complete and total surveillance for the tiniest convenience. There is no hope.


This gets me confused, it’s like Amazon Go but not? Years ago I saw videos of a store like that and it sounds identical.


WUT? Amazon is now trying to build physical stores too? NO!! It has to be split up, they are PREDATORY and their business model is quite literally to copy the products and models and then bankrupt all competition, one by one. Do not but anything from Amazon stores. They are trying to Walmart the entire planet.