Biden Officials Block Public Grazing Permits For Arsonist Ranchers Pardoned By Trump

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Fuck the Bundys. Ignoring all their other crimes, every single one of them should have been thrown in fucking prison for their stunt at the Malheur reserve.


Are these the same perps who never got around to paying for the grazing rights? Yet if they had a single marijuana possession charge against them they would not be allowed a contract with the government.


I was very glad to see that arsonists and environmental terrorists have been denied their request to graze their cattle in a manner that would have been harmful to the environment.


A lot of people in this thread are saying fuck the Bundy’s, which I can agree with, but this isn’t really about the Bundy’s. They didn’t start any fires (that I’m aware of). The Hammond’s are from Oregon. They started a wildfire on public land to cover up they were illegally hunting for deer. When the Government was moving to punish them, that’s when they called the Bundy’s and everyone to come help, and that’s when the occupation started. The Hammonds were sent to prison eventually, but Trump pardoned them. Then they asked for a grazing permit, and now we’re here. Don’t get me wrong, the Bundy’s are shitty. I’m from a small ranching town in Nevada, I’ve dealt with people like them my whole life, they suck. But being from a small western ranching town, I also know what wildfires can do. The Hammond’s need to be more well known.


They are starting to get what they deserve. Haha!