Christian Nationalist (and former WV official) arrested for role in Capitol riot | While in the Capitol, Eric Barber stole stuff. Afterward, he lied about being inside the Capitol. That’s what his Christian beliefs led him to do: Violate two of the Ten Commandments.

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It’s ok. You can sin all you want as long as you ask Jesus for forgiveness afterwards.


Stealin’ for Jesus. I’m not sure he would be proud of most of his followers.


The Christians are worshipping a golden pig statue so their understanding of the Bible is tenuous at best.


It’s frightening how many in /Christianity will still whatabout their way to condoning, or in a few cases even sanctioning, the Jan 6th insurrection. I’d say the vocal ones are a minority, but there’s still way too many of them who have seemingly decided the attempted violent overthrow of the US legislature was ok if it was intended to install a Christian Nationalist government.


WV here, fuck this guy