Comprehensive UN study finds 17% of all food in the world is wasted, which contributes significantly to climate change.

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>The authors of the report cautioned that the food waste estimates are not solely made up of edible food – they also include some inedible waste like bones, pits, and eggshells Well, how much inedible waste? If I finish half my dinner and throw the rest out, that’s pretty clear, or if I buy an orange from the store and it happens to be moldy so I throw it out. But if it’s also waste that I don’t chew quite as far into the watermelon rind as I could (or eat the whole thing?), there’s not really much I’m going to do to try to change that.


Only 17 %? I seriously thought that number would be higher


Cue blaming consumers and not grocery stores that throw out all their perfectly good everything to have fresher stuff for the weekend and then lock the dumpsters


“Timmy! Clean your plate. There are melting children in Africa!” IMO, this is VERY misleading. “Food waste” includes “any substance that has been used in the manufacture, preparation or treatment of food” That could explain the really sketchy numbers – 79kg/capita/year of household food waste? That’s 10 pounds per week for a household of 3. Or 1 kg per day for a household of 5.


Did they suggest ways to not waste that food?