Daily Simple Questions Thread – March 04, 2021

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I see gentlemen at my gym leg pressing 800lbs for about two inches of movement…my question is: is there any purpose to this? Thanks.


Are the plates on a smith machine equal in force to plates on a loaded barbell? Or does the smith remove tension with its bar path making the same weight on a barbell feel lighter?


Will doing like 50 push ups on sets of 10 through the day impede my recovery? And would it have benefits?


What does it mean if I’m about half way up on OHP, grinding, it drops down just a bit but after it drops a bit, it becomes much easier to push all the way up?


Fellow WFHers, do you do any type of flexibility focused exercises for your shoulders/posture that you’d recommend? Preferably something besides facepulls. I have them as part of my routine already.