Eight Bucharest police agents detained for restraining, torturing two people who called them out for not wearing masks

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And cops wonder why ordinary, law-abiding people don’t like or are afraid of them. I support law enforcement and I have several friends who are cops. I don’t support the militarization of police nor all the things that make LEOs immune to accountability. People get arrested simply for looking at a cop the wrong way or just accidentally bumping into one when they’re running down the sidewalk, pushing through folks. That’s not law and order. That’s some *cop* with thin skin and a hot head. Cops, DAs and judges *all* need to be taken down off their high horses a couple notches. They are not above the law. Those who wish to make laws and enforce those laws upon others *MUST* be held to an even *HIGHER* standard in order to have that privilege. I can’t speak for Romania or any other country, but our Constitution and the laws it provides for applies to EVERYONE or those words mean *nothing*. Being in a position of authority does NOT automatically command respect. Treating others with just as much respect, if not more, while executing the office of that authority DOES. Any cop, DA or judge that doesn’t understand this needs to quit. NOW. It’s a shame that “law and order” gets in the way of law & order.


The cops got caught because they weren’t wearing masks? lol




Everyone is susceptible of being abusive. The cops just have the means of causing more damage when they do so. When other people go nuts, they at best become a Karen meme.