Evangelicals whine about cancel culture, but they perfected the art of it. Remember when they tried to cancel Target over their bathroom policy? Or Starbucks over a holiday cup? Now, they want to cancel Bethel for letting lgbt folks adopt. They are fine with cancelling, just not being cancelled.

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remember when they tried to cancel disney because they had “gay days” remember when they tried to cancel the NFL because some players were kneeling during the national anthem? remember when they were canceling their keurig coffee makers because the company stopped running ads on Hannity? remember when they tried to cancel budweiser because the company ran a pro-immigration ad during the super bowl?


They would be ecstatic to deport every single last atheist out of the US.


Long before that it was: Elvis/rock and roll (remember backmasking?) Proctor & Gamble and its “satanic” logo Star Wars and witchcraft The March of Dimes and its support of abortion


How many books have they tried to cancel over the years. And video games


what about magic the gathering and dungeons and dragons?