ex amish with absolute no education and it’s making me resentful

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Don’t confuse being smart with being educated. Plenty of smart people don’t have the opportunity to become educated. You now do have the ability to become educated, so don’t waste the opportunity.


First, I have to applaud your bravery. Most would simply stay. Second there must be resources available for remedial classes, to get you up to speed. Third, do you have any skills you may think are irrelevant, but are more marketable than you know? Things like blacksmithing, coopering, framing (both house and art). Hand made items fetch a good price these days, simply because they’re getting harder to find. I’m betting you have more skills than you realize. Best of luck to you, its going to be frustrating, no question, but you’ve taken the first steps, and those are the hardest.


I personally believe religion is the single worst creation of the human race.


I can somewhat empathize. I’m first generation non-Amish (English lol) on my mother’s side (hi cousin), so I saw the struggles my mom and her siblings around her age had compared to their siblings who were younger when they left.


Put an hour a day aside for Khan academy or one of the other free teaching sites. I’ve helped people 3 times your age attend college courses, it’s never too late to start. You just need to set aside a certain amount of time each day, like learning any other skill. Best of luck to you.