Fake news can direct your behavior without you realizing it. This is a huge threat to democracy.

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“Misinformation makes for bad decisions, scientists confirm” The threat is real, a given. But 1) this is common sense and 2) if we want to establish a scientific basis, both in terms breadth and depth, we’d have to work with larger samples before we can establish our democracy is threatened (it is, but this isn’t substantial evidence – media manipulation during the last election, however, is).


“This is a huge threat to democracy”. Funny, Google Sinclair’s Script


The “news” and it’s narratives are why we are so divided. You can watch two different news networks cover the same thing and the story is completely different depending on the network and how they frame it.


The major question though is, who decides what is “misinformation?” The news media? Social media companies? If it’s a “threat to our democracy,” well then what’s the solution? Stomp it out? And who does that? The government? Do the people decide?


A study done on 223 undergrads. The sample size is laughable yet you decry a huge threat to democracy….. I think the biggest threat to democracy is titles that don’t line up with the article