For those of you who were considered ”gifted” in school, what are you doing with your life now?

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I was praised for my intelligence, not my work ethic. I got lazy as fuuuuck. I’m trying to instill into my children that hard work and practice is more important than being able to figure it out first try. I praise the effort, not the end result. I hope this works out better for them.


procrastinating. the thing about those “gifted” classes is they don’t provide you with any work ethic. as a kids we were just expected to meet the criteria, and we expected it too. now as shit gets harder in life, a lot of us procrastinate and slack off.


Chemist during the week. Drummer on weekends.


Went to law school, which I stupidly thought would be a breeze because high school and college were. Quickly discovered that everyone there was “gifted” and the professors didn’t give a fuck about our prior achievements or LSAT scores, etc. Had to really work hard for the first time in my academic life and definitely did not breeze through with As. The first year absolutely sucked since I had to develop actual study skills and couldn’t procrastinate all the time. It was really good for me. Got through, I’m a partner in my (tiny) firm and I have two “gifted” kids I’m trying to raise to have a better work ethic and study skills than I had.


I’m a librarian. One commonality I’ve noticed across gifted young people is they tend to follow their passions somewhat more than others. That means going after careers based on what they love to do, more than the pursuit of money.