French President Macron renews calls for end to repression in Myanmar

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If this doesn’t work, they will have to resort to <gasp!> painting Myanmar flag in chalk on the pavements.


While selling weapons to Saoudi Arabia to be used in Yemen.


I love how we just say words as thousands of people are dying. We care so much, or at least we pretend to.


“”France calls for an immediate end to the repression in Myanmar, for the liberation of people who have been held and for the respect of the democratic choice of the Myanmar people as expressed during the recent elections. We are at your side,” wrote Macron in a Twitter message.” Good man.


The grim fact is sanctions and press calls are all the West can do. Western military intervention *will* draw in Chinese support of the Junta, and best case scenario we get another Syria clusterfuck with multiple militias fighting each other forever, with each militia backed by foreign powers angling for their own ends. Worst case? Unplanned escalation to WWIII.