Google announces major shift away from precision-targeting of ads based on everything you do on the internet

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this sounds like the pledges of big oil companies to go carbon neutral…


I read the article, it didnt really help much. My guess: personalized ads is one of the *clearest* signs you are being tracked on the internet, it’s one even my mom recognizes. Googles pledge is not to stop tracking you, but rather to not let advertisers use their data. My presumption is that they thought ahead, and realized that this would likely become a politicized issue in the future. Would that happen policy makers could actually regulate them, which google doesn’t want. Google wants to be able to keep harvesting you until they reach world domination, they therefore did this to avoid being regulated in the future. With no trails of what they track, they can likely get a lot crazier and specific than any of us expect. Even if we are aware large masses will not care as they only care for exactly what they see. I realize this is completely unfounded and cynical but if you think companies that size make decision based on ethics (ever), you haven’t paid attention a day in your life.Looking forward to see who’s gonna fuck me over next, woho!


About fucking time.


Lies. Sounds like when Chevron said they’d recycle plastic.


>Temkin said that Google believes these types of tracking methods don’t “meet rising consumer expectations for privacy, nor will they stand up to rapidly evolving regulatory restrictions, and therefore aren’t a sustainable long term investment.” They were invading their user’ privacy for years, and made an unimaginable fortune by using and selling the collected data. They are not making this change because all of a sudden they realized how immoral these practices are, they just see the incoming regulations, and they want to turn it into a marketing stunt of being the first who stopped doing these shady things. Most likely they also noticed that they are loosing their “resources”, since more and more people are learning about online tracking, and starting to implement practices to protect their privacy. It hurts their business on the long run. Besides, IMO it doesnt matter for google at this point anyway. Their ecosystem already locked in the majority of people around the world with their search,gmail,maps youtube, chrome, so with their marketshare they will have the largest private information database anyway, while most of their competitors will go out of business when the regulations start to come in.