GOP Lawyer Admits to SCOTUS That Voting Rights Disadvantage Republican Party

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GOP lawyer admits that they are NOT the majority and do not believe in democracy.


Ofc it does. If it wasn’t for electoral system GOP couldn’t have won half of the elections they won.


I’m kind of hoping this will be reason enough for Roberts and Gorsuch to flip to the other side and rule against the GOP when they blatantly admit they’re only doing it to stay in power. Barret night as well since she claims to be constitutionalist for this stuff.


Welll yeah. That’s their whole thing really.


The Robert’s court has already decided in other cases that discriminatory intent doesn’t matter as long as the law doesn’t appear on its face to be discriminatory. So, Republicans saying they want to prevent college kids from voting and having a voting law where an NRA membership card is a valid ID, but a school ID is not, is perfectly OK to them.