Heart failure deaths have surged across the U.S., especially in rural areas

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I’m curious what the rates are going to look like for 2020. A heart surgeon I spoke to here in South Africa said there is a huge spike in deaths that were previously preventable as most of the procedures that would catch and treat problems before they became fatal were classified as elective and therefore not allowed in hospitals here during the pandemic.


“Smoking, diet and stress were not considered in this study”. How can you possibly draw conclusions on heart disease without considering these factors ?


Seems people are interpreting this as being related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not. This data comes from a timeframe ending in 2018.


This probably also has to do with the amount of rural hospitals closing. There is a direct correlation between increased deaths and distance from hospitals.


I think diet can make a huge change eating a plant based only diet helped my dad significantly. Highly recommend.