House Passes Landmark Voting Rights Bill, Setting Up First Major Filibuster Fight: The sweeping reform bill would nullify the new wave of voter restrictions that Republicans are pushing at the state level.

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I got an e-mail today from my rep trying to spin this bill as some kind of power grab for democrats? Like, somehow, making it easier for people to vote is bad for him?


Allowing people more access to voting is better than restricting it. Kind of a no brainer unless you have some evil ulterior motive.


The GOP focus on greater restrictions of voting accessibility makes it really clear that the right to vote has to be protected at the national level. Let your Senators know that the filibuster has to go.


This is it, everyone. This is the hill to die on. We can’t afford ***not*** to pass HR1. If the filibuster isn’t at least reformed in order to pass HR1 before state legislatures are able to redraw the districts in several months, expect Democrats to lose the House in 2022 and never win an election again.


This is exactly the time to end the filibuster, which in itself is a problem for democracy. as Obama has said, the filibusters standout role in our country’s history has been to prevent expansion of civil and voting rights. We cannot allow gerrymandering and voter suppression to continue in a democracy. We cannot allow one party that supports these policies to continue to block progress on their undoing. We cannot allow a minority to use a debate formality to be used to block all efforts to fix the systematic perversions that they are benefitting from. This is the paradox of tolerance in play. In a democracy we cannot be tolerant of things like gerrymandering and voter suppression or we lose everything.