How do you debate against someone who’s argument is “millions of people believe in this so its true”

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If people want to use the bandwagon fallacy, point it out as such. Once I had a Christian say that “what the majority says **must** be true.” This is easy to turn around. I answered it by saying that there is 2.2B Christians on earth. But the planet has 7.5B people on it. So there are 5.2B people who aren’t Christians. So circa 60% of the population **don’t** think Christianity is true – so *they* must be correct. It’s at this point you may find out that the person you are talking to suddenly thinks majorities don’t have the truth and that bandwagons are a terrible idea.


Big Macs sell better than fillet mignon, therefore Big Macs are better than fillet mignon. Justin Bieber sells more albums than Bach, therefore he’s a better musician. More people have seen White Chicks than Metropolis, therefore White Chicks is the superior movie. Arguments from popularity are just plain silly.


Millions of people also believed in geocentrism, doesn’t mean it was ever true.


This isn’t an argument. He just told you he’s not willing to change his opinion.


argumentum ad populum… a lot of people also used to believe you had to drill a hole in people’s head to let the demons out. Millions (billions) believe in Jesus, millions (billions) believe in Allah… soooo how are they both true?