If a genie ever says you get only 3 wishes you can just write down a hundred on a piece of paper and wish them all true.

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I, for one, would not want to piss off a genie.


“There’s four rules”


Genie: Nice list. What’s your wish? OP: I wish everything written on this paper was true. Genie: Granted. OP: Nothing changed. Genie: You’re right, it didn’t. OP: Why? Genie: You wished everything on this paper was true. It already was. OP: What do you mean? Genie: Here’s an example. “I wish I had a billion dollars”. Do you wish you had a billion dollars? OP: Yes Genie: Then it’s true. Same for the supermodel girlfriend, the flying horse, and the cure for cancer. It’s true that you wish for all of these things. Now make your two wishes so I can go back to sleep.


If a genie gives you 3 wishes you only get 2, cause the first one has to be: “I wish you were a benevolent genie who granted wishes as they are intended by the wisher, regardless of what words are actually used to state the wish.”


“I wish for infinite wishes.” “You can’t wish for that.” “I wish I could wish for infinite wishes. Then I wish for infinite wishes.”