If you were a mad scientist with absolutely no moral or ethical dilemmas that might trouble you, what would be an experiment you’d like to conduct to better understand humanity?

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We could learn a tooon about the human brain and how to fix it if we could just damage specific parts of it and see what goes wrong


Raise a bunch of kids without any exposure to music or rhythm, and see what happens. Expose them to it later on, I’m their late teens, and see what they think of it. Alternatively, only expose them to music in 7/8, then 4/4 6/8 etc. when they’re older, and see how they respond to it.


I would put all political parties into their own individual societies and government. It would be interesting to see what new ideas people come up with to hate each other in these closed systems.


Put a newborn into an environment consisting of male and female adults (parents), two older adults (grandparents), and a caregiver/babysitter (young adult), with occasional presence/interaction with others in a community setting. The difference between this and a normal world is that each person speaks a different language (mom only speaks Italian, dad only Chinese, babysitter Farsi, etc.). All of them understand all the languages used by others in the experiment, but they never speak in anything except their one assigned language. It’s important that there be no bias/assignment, i.e. all women don’t use a language in the same language group; the same goes for tall/short people, kindly/strict people, etc.. Since there are approx. 200 sufficiently distinct languages, you can create 40 such groups in the ‘community.’ Each person in a core group (parents, grands, babysitter) assists in coaxing/teaching the infant to speak, each using their personal language (i.e. the baby will be expected to learn five different words for ‘spoon,’ ‘food,’ etc..) At about age 2 1/2, the children begin to interact with each other. Observe each one’s preferences and how/if/when they teach other children ‘their’ words for things. As the children reach puberty, start reducing the number of adults so that by the time the kids are in their teens, it’s just them with no outside influences. How does their splintered languages affect their social order? Do they develop a universal language? Etc. etc. etc.


I’d give myself a billion dollars, and just see what happens.