Jim Jordan hit with FEC investigation over $2 million in campaign donations after Trump’s election

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There’s a reason Trump and the Republicans crippled the FEC.


Wait a minute. You mean the people lying about fraudulent elections were actually engaged in committing election fraud? Who could have guessed that this was the case with the G(aslighting), O(bstructing), and P(rojection) party!


that should be “Gym Jordan” but also, couldn’t have happened to a better douche bag. i hope he finally gets what he deserves.


Gym Jordan can fuck right the hell off


People in Ohio : So he protects sexual predators, I mean he protected Trump so what’s the big deal over a few bucks, they all do it, besides it’s Democrats fault for looking into it. Gym Jordan : what we need to focus on is Hillary’s E-mails there’s where the problem is. Hang his ass out to dry.