LPT: If you figure out how to automate a task at your job, keep it to yourself and enjoy the extra time.

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I really hate to (mostly) agree with this. If you work for a company that will show real appreciation for this kind of work (ie CASH bonus, over normal bonus) and will give raises, it’s worth being the guru. The problem is that most companies feel entitled to every though/minute an employee has. They PAY to contract, but expect far more from workers.


Preach OP. I met the man who made the zip-lock bag mass producible. He got a certificate 😐


It’s weird how the uneducated manual labor folks still think they matter to their employer and try to convince us otherwise.


Some are agreeing, saying employers are inherently exploitative, others are disagreeing, saying that good work will be rewarded. I don’t think anyone is misrepresenting their experiences here. What I’ve found is that as I’ve moved up in my career, I get more respect and less exploited over time, and the more well financed a company is, the better the treatment I’ve gotten. I suspect that those who have been abused for efficiency tend to have lower paying junior level jobs at companies that are struggling, and those who expect that making their work more efficient will be rewarded have higher paying more senior roles at companies that are doing well financially. I have no data to back this up, just my own experience. So of those who commented, what level/pay grade do you work at and what is your take on the idea of keeping efficiency tricks quiet and using it to reduce time pressure on yourself vs sharing the info with management to get credit for good work and maybe make the team more efficient?