LPT: take photos of your family doing everyday things every once in a while. When time passes, you will look back at them and be flooded with more remembrance than looking at a posed picture.

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Grandpa wasn’t too pleased when he saw me taking a picture of him take a shit… Next time be more specific about the activities, please, and save us simple people from some embarrassment.


This. My mom passed away a few years ago, she was ill for several years. Every once and a while my brother sends me photos of us all just hanging out and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the visual reminders of all those small little everyday moments we had.


Natural photos and moments of people living life capture so much more than staged sometimes forced smiles. Good advice


I always do this with my dog, I just take photos and videos all the time and save them. Just because things aren’t like shareable on social media doesn’t mean that I don’t want them.