LPT: When planning a wedding, do not use the U.S. national average cost of $34,000 as a frame of reference. Do not compare yourself to your friends getting married. Do not compare yourself to people on social media. Spend what you can afford without going into debt.

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Same applies to rings. Don’t fall for De Beers’ bullshit. Buy what you can comfortably afford. Your partner will either understand, or you have a red flag moment.


Study(s) show that low budget weddings have a longer lasting marriage than expensive ones


That average is tweaked by a few $1M weddings, and I suspect the number is promulgated by the wedding industry anyway. Keep in mind the difference between average and median. Nine $10k weddings and one $250K wedding would average out to $34K, while the median would be $10K.


In fact, approach all spending questions this way.