Male or Female Genital Cutting: Why ‘Health Benefits’ Are Morally Irrelevant (Journal of Medical Ethics)

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My take, “health benefits” are not “morally irrelevant” in the case of genital cutting (or any similar situations). It’s just that the health benefits as currently understood do not outweigh the breach of bodily autonomy. If, for example, it rendered one immune to and incapable of transmitting STIs or somesuch (or any arbitrary health benefit you can think up), that would be another matter. They don’t however, and only (debatabley) provide benefits equivelant to decent personal hygiene


Hmm, so is it because it’s a procedure that’s not necessary for preserving life? Young children can’t/don’t give consent for surgeries they receive. The difference between “health benefit” and “life necessity”? Same would go for piecing a newborn’s ears too.