Medical Bills of $9,000 plus sent to collections. I was 18, parents were addicts, I just need the advice I didn’t know how to ask for.

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First, get whatever is necessary to preserve your health. You’re young all of the issues with bills now won’t cross your mind by the time you’re 30, TRUST ME. I’ve negotiated with hospitals in the past. They will often have cash discounts, payment plans, and forgiveness for people without means to pay. I would strongly suggest negotiating bills before they go to collections. For example I owed $1,400 to the ER. I called and got it reduced to $1,000, they can do that. I agreed to go on a payment plan, I went on the longest payment plan interest free. Then a year later after I was laidoff I called and said I couldn’t pay and they forgave the balance. I had to complete specific forms for financial hardship. I don’t think I paid anything, I also had insurance. I don’t have experience negotiating in collections, but I would be way more aggressive with the discount. Where did $6k come from?


The statute of limitations is five years in Idaho. Which means they have two years or less to try and get you to pay. After that you are free of the debt as it is past the limitations for collection. Personally I would ignore it and try and wait it out.


Honestly just ignore the debt for now. It’s already wrecking your credit. But, if you have no assets there’s nothing for them to collect on and you don’t make enough for it to be worth it to them to try and garnish your pay. Bankruptcy will cost a lot compared to how much you owe. Ignoring the debt for 7 years makes it go away provided you don’t reset the collections clock by acknowledging the debt and making payments. Get your medical treatment, Medicaid will cover it


The Idaho statute of limitations in medical debt is 5 years. You’re three years in… weigh the consequences of walking away from it. Read up on what actions will reset the clock.


Blood out of a turnip. Do not pay any of this, let them sue. You have no assets, any your pay at $10.00 a hour probably still puts you under the poverty line so it would be hard to garnish your wages. Send them a certified letter saying all communication. Needs to be in writing. If served, show up at court and demonstrate your income.