Microplastics found in 100% of Pennsylvania waterways surveyed

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“It’s in our air, so we breathe it. It’s in our food, so we eat it. It’s in our water, so we drink it,” said Faran Savitz, conservation associate for PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center. Where is it supposed to go when they are in most everything we consume, drive and wear?


About 20 years ago I would listen to my grand father ramble on about how we’re eating and drinking plastic. I passed it off as him just being senile because he would also talk about how ice boxes were much better than freezers and to always unplug the microwave because if I left it plugged in the the power company was “winning”. Should have listened to you on this one. Sorry grampa.


We really got ourselves into a serious problem with all these microplastics in everything. They mess with the endocrine system so get ready for an increase in pancreatic cancers, thyroid cancers and such.


Plastics are killing life on this planet. We need to severely restrict their use as in no more plastic bags, bottles, and packaging.


“The PLANET is fine, WE are FUCKED” – George Carlin