MIT study finds 83% of patients triaged by a robot doctor said it was as good as a human doctor

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A “robot doctor” is quite a bit different than a real doctor interacting with a patient via a mounted screen.


Reading the article: 1 – it’s triage – not treatment. It’s the process of sorting emergency patients by severity of symptoms. 2 – it’s not an AI doctor, it’s a real human doctor using audiovisual/vital sensors mounted on a robotic platform


This says more about the human doctors than the robots.


Well, it’s a doctor on a tablet talking to you. That’s going to be fine for most things in triage, if you’re able to talk.


Why are we asking patients to evaluate how well a doctor triaged??? Patients are great for getting feedback on beside manner and communication, but as far as answering the question “did this person/robot ask the right questions to effectively determine patient acuity for effective triage” is NOT at all appropriate to ask patients. Some random person will be blasé about their heart attack next to someone who is convinced they’re dying because they’ve got bad gas.