No need to panic

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Just deleted my app. Not worried but need to clear my mind. I’ll check back in April as these a long-term holds. Stay strong everyone. This to shall pass


I’d rather commit sudoku then to sell a single share


Yeah I’m not gonna pretend I know what’s going on but I’ve been around long enough to know it’s gonna be sad in 4 months when I’m reading people’s sob stories about selling at the bottom at a loss and hoping there’s another crash to ‘get back in’. If you did that a year ago, this is probably your best chance to get back in and you’re still missing out on 6 months of gains. Just cover your margin situation if you have one and otherwise hold out.




I’m not panicking but may I vomit? Agree with the OP. The business market news coverage trying to explain all of this is complete BS. This is too extreme and going on for too long. Something else is going on that isn’t “interest rates“.