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And yet Republicans, and conservatives, have fought right to repair at every turn. Natural consequences.


Maybe these farmers should bootstrap themselves to some personal responsibility, exercise their free market rights and buy a different brand.


Then stop buying John Deere products. It really is that easy.


The solution to this problem is to start buying everything from China. Americans complaining about me not wanting to buy their stuff, and instead running to China to get something for a third the price, when American companies design things to be as difficult to repair/service independently as possible, and when American companies also use the government as their personal Mafia to enforce their draconian and twisted concepts of ownership makes me think of a guy complaining that I will not buy the lemonade he’s selling because he urinates in it, when I can just go down the street and buy lemonade from someone else for half the price without the extra added ingredient. “But mah monopoly!” An example is smartphones. I can either buy an over-priced name brand with a locked boot loader that is deliberately rendered obsolete by the manufacturer in 3 years because of lack of updates and the fact that they artificially prevent me from rolling my own, or I can get a phone from China for half the price with a trivially unlockable boot loader and install Lineage OS.


Fuck. John. Deere. All those pretentious dipshits inside the ‘big rusty’ deserve to have their asses handed to them on a glass platter. I hope they die like IH and the no-talent fucks inside go begging in a work line. Their over-cocked bullshit attitudes need to be put in check once and for all. I’ll say it again: Fuck. John Deere.