Octopuses, the most neurologically complex invertebrates, both feel pain and remember it, responding with sophisticated behaviors, demonstrating that the octopus brain is sophisticated enough to experience pain on a physical and dispositional level, the first time this has been shown in cephalopods.

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With that kind of intellect, it really makes me feel bad the way they can be captured and stored before ultimately being eaten :/


I read a study the other day that Cephalopods have the ability to delay gratification just as humans are able to in order to find more favourable circumstances. In the experiment they offered crab meat in the morning and those who didn’t take it were rewarded with the more desirable shrimp. After this initial interaction, they were able to consciously choose to wait for the food they preferred instead of eating when they received it. TL;DR Cephalopods are able to override instant gratification on par with humans in order to wait for a better outcome.


And yet YouTube allows videos where people are eating them alive, as if that of all things isn’t animal abuse.


The octopus has to be my favorite sea creature


Anybody else watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix? It displays their superior intelligence and is documented by this diver who gets a little infatuated by this octopus he found , documenting it for a year straight