Only Republican to vote for police reform bill ‘accidentally pressed the wrong … button’

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Found this gem at the end > North Carolina state Rep. Becky Carney (D), for example, accidentally helped legalize fracking in her state after hitting “yes” on a veto against the bill she had lobbied against, according to the newspaper. Because changing her vote would change the outcome, Carney was not permitted to reverse her vote under the chamber’s rules, it added.


> “I accidentally pressed the wrong voting button and realized it too late,” Gooden wrote in the tweet, according to The Washington Post. “I have changed the official record to reflect my opposition to the partisan George Floyd Policing Act.” > “I have arguably the most conservative/America First voting record in Congress!” Gooden said in another tweet. > “Of course I wouldn’t support the radical left’s, Anti-Police Act,” he added. “I have changed the official record to reflect my opposition!” These quotes read like actual satire, but these are actual quotes from an actual person thinking he’s doing the right thing…


In other news, this morning 12th January 2036, President Gooden said he “pressed the wrong button” and has launched a full scale nuclear assault against Florida.


Of all the buttons a politician could accidentally press, this isn’t the worst, right?


He was like, “oh shit! I don’t want my constituents thinking I want police accountability!”