People who cheated on their bf/gf/partner, what was going through your mind while doing it?

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immediate regret Issues with commitment, self esteem issues, etc. (They’re probably cheating too, what if we break up and never find anyone, what if this persons actually “the one”) ​ Obviously, load of horseshit looking back at it, and I hurt a few people. Terrible terrible decision.


I’d say I emotionally cheated on my ex. Mostly what was going through my mind was “Shit, I think I’m falling in love with someone else. Shit. What do I do? Shit.”


I thought “This person desires me”. I think it’s honestly that simple for most people who cheat. Sure many people cheat just because they want to have sex, but I think the core reason for most people cheating is they simply don’t feel desired by their significant other. Like the start of any relationship people become interested in each other and the key feeling people experience is that wonderful feeling of being desired by another person. It makes you feel good looking, smart, strong. Knowing that this person wants to be with me is one of the best feelings in the world. After a while that wears off in many cases. Eventually you take the other person for granted and they take you for granted. When that happens and your SO stops making you feel desired, you might start looking for that elsewhere. So even though you are in love with your SO and have a great relationship, they probably don’t act like they want to be with you like they did in the beginning. Life becomes the same old same old. Then someone else notices you and starts paying attention to you, giving you that sense of being desired again. You start seeing what you have been missing in the eyes of someone else. I know that’s what it was like for me many many years ago. I stopped feeling desired and when someone else showed that desire towards me, I foolishly followed it. I have been happily married and 100% faithful for a long time to an amazing woman. I never fail to make sure she knows how much I desire her. Not because I don’t want her to cheat, I trust her. I do it because I don’t want her to ever feel like she isn’t desired, that I take her for granted. And she makes me feel the same, every day.


I was in one of the best relationships with a childhood friend, if you know, those are the best ones. We were both in our mid twenties and my brother was murdered, in front of me. It was insanely traumatic and it messed me up. I fell into a deep pit where I would do anything to feel.. anything. My ex reached out to me and wanted to have sex, she is a straight up home wrecker and gets off on it. I fell for it and didn’t even question the decision. It didn’t even feel like a decision, I was so fucked I was like a jellyfish in the waves just getting taken anywhere. But now I know it was a decision, and the worst one I’ve ever made.


I was just out of high school and learning about relationships and sex. I went on a vacation and had an opportunity to have sex for the third time in my life with no way of my gf finding out, so I did it. I felt bad the whole time. When I came back, I broke up with her the next time I saw her. Cheating is certainly something I’ll only do once. Still wish I’d never done it.