QAnon has merged with white Christian envangelicals, experts say — and the results could be lethal — ‘It can and likely will get very bad’ | color me surprised… 2 kind of unhinged merged together

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Believers in imaginary things, unite!


These last few years — all of it — just feels like a poorly written, stupidly drawn out prequel story to an apocalypse movie like Mad Max or something. Only the batteries in my remote have died, and I can’t pause it or even turn the dang volume down.


It finally occurred to me recently that the probable common factor evangelicals are drawn to in the fetid Qanon cesspool is the desire for special, hidden knowledge.


It’s not a merging of different groups. The demographic for Qanon o’ bots was already massively skewed towards folks with reality problems.


the result is already lethal. the capitol insurrection cost lives to speak nothing of these nurglites spreading covid everywhere.