Religion creates the very problem it claims to solve…

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It also inculcates guilt over imaginary sins so it can sell you imaginary forgiveness. And fear of an imaginary hell so it can sell you imaginary salvation. It promotes social policies that lead to cycles of poverty and despair, and then sells people a fantasy version of hope. It makes people xenophobic and sells god’s protection from the evil outsiders.


Religion is a fraud, an Arson Fireman, and a system of control. Childhood indoctrination is child abuse. It’ll cut you then sell you the bandage.


‘Tithe until it hurts.’ (Actual quote from an church leader in New Zealand.)


Ive often thought that God and the church are good examples of a hero complex. They create problems that only they can solve to get praise, adoration, and money.


“Unconditional love.” God “loves” you the way a husband that beats you “loves” you.