Replace ‘money’ with ‘food’ in “money doesn’t buy happiness”, having excess food in your fridge won’t make you happier, but not having any surely will take a major toll in every aspect of your life

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Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys stability and a safety net. It’s very hard hard to find happiness if you don’t have either of those.


Excess money doesn’t buy happiness. Having *sufficient* money to feed yourself & your dependents with nutritious food, keep a secure roof over your head, get medicine & healthcare when you need it, get education, and to be able to do so whilst maintaining a work/life balance that includes time to sleep and see your loved ones *does* remove stress and misery from your life. Some might call the opposite of stress & misery ‘happiness’.


“Having [food’s] not everything, not having it is” – Mr. West on a lunch break


food is the root of all evil.


As someone who’s starving atm I agree. Food is the only thing worthy to spend money upon