Scotland would ‘fare better’ outside the UK, more than two thirds of Scots say

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The prime minister would have to be a complete fuckwit to offer a second referendum post-brexit. I expect it to be announced by the end of summer.


That’s what the UK said about the EU.


It’s that kind of thing that we won’t know the actual answer to unless it actually happens. As a brit I think if they want independence they should have it, but they also run the risk of making the same mistakes as the UK when it left the EU. There are a lot of negatives and problems that scotland would need to overcome in regards to things like budget and currency, and the SNP doesn’t seem to actually ever address all of them. There seems to be the mentality of “eh it’ll be fine, we’ll rejoin the EU and that’ll be it” but I feel there’s more to it than that. (Naturally it could also go well for them in the long term, as I said it’s pretty difficult to tell, just feels like the negatives should be worked out first)


Would they still recognize Elizabeth II as Head of State or would it be a full overhaul? The first would be like Canada, Australia and most Commonwealth Nations that have their own Passports and trade laws. A full overhaul would be like the USA, not even ceremonial recognition of the Crown.


Can we bring it over to America and trade it for Florida?