Senators call on FCC to quadruple base high-speed internet speeds

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Also point out that data caps are nothing but a shakedown/extortion, because people have been stressing the network like never before for the past year and it hasn’t fallen over.


I made a complaint and did a recorded interview with the FCC about monopoly “broadband” practices in my city/state. I laid out the whole case about which providers I had access to, how they did not meet even the shitty “broadband” qualifications as stated in the FCC’s guidelines, and that if I wanted “broadband” as stated I had only one choice. Hence, monopoly. Some unfortunate dork had to listen to my rant and then just say “thanks for your feedback” and state “this is not broadband monopoly” … I guess because I still had the choice to I don’t know, move to a different city to get broadband from a different provider or something… Signed up for the Starlink pilot, I can’t wait


I’m not sure how this FCC will do, but thank god that POS Ajit Pai is gone. 25 down, 3 up is high speed? How do you even say that with a straight face?


Like the railroad, electricity, or telephone before it, internet has gone from a luxury to a necessity


“But…but…then we would have to use the money you gave us to update and expand our networks instead of just adding caps to limit use!” – ISPs