Storing Fresh Veggies to Keep Them Fresh and Extend Their Life

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Works on most leafy greens/lettuce, this is how I store all of mine. If I buy from the farmers market I can get in excess of 4weeks for lettuce and 6weeks for things like Asian greens. Also works on celery/carrot sticks etc.


If my celery start becoming soft, I usually cut it to size and then leave it in the fridge in a cold water container. It firms up, and stay good for much longer.


Did anybody consider that the veggies didn’t want to extend their life? First off, they were pretty much murdered. Second, maybe they have DNRs. Did you check their pockets?


I’m going to give this a try. I’m so sick of throwing away off vegies. I swear, they just don’t last like they used to. I think it’s the grocers in this area shirking on warehouse wages; it’s been fucked up since they tossed out the union.


I’m surprised cutting helps, because it creates more surface area for oxygenation.