Study shows that an unstable working life is associated with the poorer future mental health of young people.

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Not gonna lie – as someone who got laid off because of covid I’ve had to do temp work in the meantime. And it really sucks. The unknown sucks, not being able to really make any big purchases (home/car) sucks and at least up here not having health coverage or benefits sucks too. The day I find full time work again it’ll be a weight lifted off my shoulders.


Does every post on this sub *really* need a bunch of people saying “tHaT’S oBvIoUs”? Or can these people just publish the contents of their brains in academic journals (after peer review) so we can learn about all these “obvious” things, including effect sizes, confounding factors, and other such info?


The lack of stability could be made up for if the pay was outstanding, but that’s also not the case…


Bruh, my future mental health? What about my mental health _now_?


A more recent study of me looking around shows that capitalism makes most people unhappy